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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[#12 and #7560 are firing around a corner]]
Fooker: #12 & 7560! Lay down some cover fire! 18 and I will clear the next hall!

[[Fooker and #18 are firing]]
Fooker: Clear! Full suppression to give the civvies a clear path!
#18: That means you run NOW!

[[Trudy, Sharon and Ki run trough a hall while Fooker is walking backwards firing his gun]]
Ki: No troops down this hallway? I was half expecting an ambush.
Sharon: Maybe they're circling around to cut us off.

[[Trudy, Sharon and Ki stop running for a moment]]
Trudy: Or they're trying to corral us into a trap.
Ki: Personally, I'm holding out for us just being very lucky...

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