General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Scene: The area where the Greys' cells were under Emperor Nick's palace, devastated by an explosion. In the foreground, one Grey appears to be helping another out of the rubble. In the background, Planck is trying to pull the alternate Sharon's mop off his head, and C points a handheld device at Pi, who is seated. In the far background, throughout the strip, dust rises and silhouettes suggest Greys helping other Greys out of the rubble.]]
C: The explosion tore through cell 5760F and part of 5760E. Only a handful of us survived. The whole support structure collapsed on itself.

[[C continues to point the device at Pi.]]
Pi: We have to warn the resistance. This means the Emperor knows that they're here.
C: Hold still. I doubt you'll get a hold of them. The main subnet on this level went down with the grid.

[[C still points the device at Pi and looks a bit annoyed.]]
Pi: We need to send a courier into the sewers to warn the base, then...
C: No go. The blast caved in the conduit you've been using. I said hold still! I'm trying to scan you for injuries.

[[Pi's head is on the same level as C's, making it appear that Pi may have stood up. His face looks startled and alarmed. C cocks an eyebrow at the screen part of the scanning device.]]
Pi: But with that conduit gone, the raiding party has no way back!
C: That's their problem. Hold on... Did you know your memory engrams were altered a few hours ago?

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