General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Fooker, Maddie, Sharon, Trudy, Ki, Nicole and Justin dressed in black in a gun battle.]]
Fooker: Still clear this way!
Agent #18: And still dogging us from behind.

Sharon: I can't raise the other Trudy's team on the radio...
Ki: Then try the base. Maybe we can let them know things have gone haywire.

[[Voice coming out of radio on floor next to somebody's arm]]
Sharon: Blitzen to North Pole! Blitzen to Rudolph! Whoever's listening! The Grinch is being naughty! Santa, please respond!

[[Zoom out so show the arm belongs to the alternate universe Dr. Nefarious, who appears to have been shot in the head. A booted foot steps on the radio.]]
Voice from the owner of the booted foot: Bah humbug.

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