General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Two masked imperial soldiers are standing in a large room.]] Lieutenant: Rebel Base is Secure, Commander. All targets neutralized.
[[As he begins removing his helmet.]] Blawgus (Alternate Agent #18): Excellent, Lieutenant.

Blawgus: General, Commander Blawgus here. Rebel base neutralized. My men are fanning out into the sewers to look for stragglers.
[[Heard over the communicator]] General: Excellent.

[[Alternate Trent can be seen slumped dead on the ground.]] Blawgus: I'm also happy to report that a snake does not live long once you cut off its head.
[[Heard over the communicator]] General: I see. The Emperor will be most pleased.

[[Now in a new location with the General, face in shadow, speaking into a communicator.]]
[[Heard over the communicator]] Blawgus: Shall we return to the palace to assist in battling the raid?
General: No. Continue the hunt. I'll handle the raiders myself.

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