General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Dressed in operational black, Ki and #12, a.k.a. Maddie step through a hexagonal door, followed closely by Sharon and Trudy. #12 is armed with a large gun and is looking to her right, while Ki is holding a square object and looking at it intently. Sharon is looking back behind the group, while Trudy sports her 'Timid Trudy' expression.]]
Ki: It's not much further. Just a couple more turns. But we need to start planning an escape route back to the sewers.

[[In the second panel, only Ki and #12 are shown, both from the side and as head and shoulders views. Ki is still looking at her gadget, and #12 is peering over her shoulder. #12's expression is intent.]]
#12, a.k.a. Maddie: That's not going to be easy with communications down and enemy troops storming the halls. We'll be hard pressed to make it back the way we came in.

[[The third panel is a shot of five characters. The upper left position is held by Trudy, who is looking at Sharon with her Timid-Trudy expression firmly in place. In the lower left slot is #12 her eyes narrowed even more than usual, expression intent. In the center of the panel is Sharon, lines around her eyes indicating she is startled, and one finger pointing toward the reader. The upper right figure is #18, his shoulders turned as if on rear-guard, but with his head turned back as if caught by the conversation. In the lower left is Ki, turned somewhat towards the center.]]
#12, a.k.a. Maddie: We may have to accept that we'll have to leave our new allies behind and get your slime mold friend to beam us back...
Sharon: LOOK!

[[Trudy, #12, Sharon, #18 and Ki are shown in the background, looking startled. The arm of a mystery person fills the left-hand side of the panel. The arm is held halfway up, and seems to be carrying
wielding something.]]
Mystery Person: I'm afraid you have wandered somewhere you don't belong, ladies...

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