General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki and her counterpart glare at one another while Agent 12 looks on.]]
Evil Ki: So now if you'll just wait patiently, General Barker's men will be here soon to arrest you.
Ki: So that's it, then.

[[Evil Ki smirks while Ki continues to glare.]]
Ki: You won't give us a choice. It's either capture or death.
Evil Ki: I think the choice is obvious. The Emperor has been known to be merciful... upon occasion.

Ki: Some choice. Near instant death, or a slow, prolonged one. At this point, the "choice" seems obvious. At least one will let us take you with us.
[[Evil Ki glares back at Ki.]]
Evil Ki: Quite true. Who said I'm NOT prepared to die?

Ki: Nobody. But it DOES pose an interesting question. I'M ready to die to rescue MY Nick. Are YOU ready to do the same to fulfill YOUR Nick's plans?
[[Ki's words give her counterpart pause.]]

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