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[[Alt Dexter, Dexter, and Justin talking]]
Dexter the Diabolical: What? Did you actually think Nick had the cunning and intellect to build such a magnificent palace himself?
Justin: Actually, um, yes.

[[Close-up of alt-Dexter's eyes]]
Dexter the Diabolical: We were the best of "friends" before our mutual betrayal. I was just as much an architect of his rise to power as Oshiro or Barker. It was only when I revealed I was the better choice as supreme dictator that he imprisoned me.

[[Justin talking to alt-Dexter, who is holding open a panel]]
Justin: So, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Dexter the Diabolical: Or at least a companion of convenience. For now.

[[Justin in the conduit talking to alt-Dexter]]
Dexter the Diabolical: One stipulation: the emperor is mine.
Justin: We plan to be gone long before you'd even care.

{{End of Chapter Five}}

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