General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Posi-Ki and Posi-Trudy are brought in the room. Nega-Duncan and Nega-Ki look at them]]
Nega-Duncan: Wait... Here is Trueheart, but the others... these are DOUBLES from the other universe...
Off-panel Voice (Nega-Nick): Quite correct, Duncan!

[[Nega-Nick is holding Posi-Nick by his shoulders, pushing him. Nega-Nick looks truly diabolically happy, Posi-Nick more defiant]]
Nega-Nick: Our honored guests, here to "rescue" our new-found friend Nick here. Although they don't seem to be doing that good of a job, now are they?

[[Posi-Nick is speaking to Posi-Ki, still looking defiantly. Nega-Nick looks on]]
Posi-Nick: You shouldn't have come here. You have no idea who you're dealing with. He's to da-
Posi-Ki: My husband-to-be was missing. Did you expect me to sit around and hope you'd come back eventually?

[[Nega-Nick is grinning wickedly, standing next to Posi-Ki]]
Nega-Nick: Ah, isn't love grand? Such passion! Such devotion! You can FEEL the emotion...
Posi-Ki: You won't be able to feel ANYTHING if you don't get your hand off my butt...

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