General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nega-Nick is clutching Posi-Ki's face in his hand, holding her like a pet. In the background Nega-Ki is beholding the situation with an angry frown]]
Nega-Nick: MMM.... A Tigress! Almost makes one want to learn where the similarities end...

[[An overview shot of all the important players: Nega-Nick and Posi-Nick in the center of the circle, Posi-Sharon, -Trudy, -Ki and Agent #12 in front of the panel and Nega-Ki and Nega-Duncan in the back]]
Nega-Nick: But business before pleasure! I regret to inform you that your little rescue and coup has failed miserably. It was a valiant effort, yes, but all in vain.

[[Agent #12 leans forward towards Nega-Nick, defying his gloating]]
Agent #12: What makes you think this is the only raiding party? There could be thousands of us....
Nega-Nick: Thousands? Oh, I doubt that. But I KNOW all about your second team...

[[Nega-Nick stands center-stage and gestures towards the camera, an even gloatier look on his face. On the left panel-edge, Trudy and Ki at where he's gesturing in amazement. On the right edge, Nick does the same, with his still defiant angry look]]
Nega-Nick: Or should I say "knew"? You HAVE taken care of them, haven't you, my little double agent...?

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