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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Thursday, June 15, 2006]


[[In the left edge of the panel, posi-Trudy looks at her unconscious counterpart eyes wide with shock. Between them, a gleeful Nega-Nick is rubbing his hands in anticipation and joy]]
Evil Nick: Truehart! My, my... Now I have a matching set! They even dress alike. How quaint!

[[Posi-Trudy is still looking at her unconscious counterpart, who is being taken over by nega-Sehgal]]
Voice off-screen (Nega-Nick): Sehgal! Revive her! And no "accidental" poisoning this time. I have a massive gloat coming on, and i want her to be conscious.

[[Standing between Posi-Ki, Posi-Justin, Posi-Sharon and a stormtrooper, Posi-Trudy looks on with sad disbelief.]]

[[Looking along Posi-Trudy's sad face, we see Posi-Nick looking back at her, casting blame with his mere look]]

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