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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Friday, June 16, 2006]


Evil Nick: Awake now? Good. I do hope we can dispense with the "You'll never get away with this" crap, because frankly, I have!

Evil Nick: I won't bother with sorting Trudys just yet, as I'm sure that will be evident soon enough. I'l start by announcing that by now, my men should be done cleaning out your sewers, so to speak.

Evil Nick: As an additional precaution, I took the liberty of blowing up the Grey holding cell you used to enter my palace, both sealing the breach and eliminating a few bulbous-eyed traitors at once.

Evil Nick: Your rebellion is finished, my dear sweet Trudy. Now all that's left is the maniacal laughter, the shocking denial, and the subsequent executions.

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