General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki and Alternate Trudy look bound and weary.]]
Ki: This is hopeless...
Alternate Trudy: Not... yet. There's still a chance the greys may... come to our aid...

[[Emperor Nick stands before a curtain, smug smile upon his face. He's pressing a button on a remote which opens the curtain behind him.]]
Emperor Nick: Oh, I don't think so. You see, the greys are nothing but drones. They have little will of their own. Only their leader, the Great Skaboola, has the will to act independently.

[[Emperor Nick is off panel, the focus is on the Great Skaboola who has been revealed to be behind the curtain. Various hoses are hooked up to his body, drool seeping from the corner of his mouth. He appears near catatonic.]]
Emperor Nick: Of course, keeping control of the drones is easy: just control the Skaboola. Doctor Sehgal was quite ingenious in figuring out their physiology. His catatonic mind-control drug is a pharmaceutical gem.

[[Emperor Nick rests an elbow on the Great Skaboola's head while flashing an evil grin.]]
Emperor Nick: So you see, as long as I have E.T. here, all his worker bees are mine to command. It's a buzz-kill, I know, but I do love squashing glimmers of hope.
The Great Skaboola: Gwah

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