General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Pi: Planck, get to work on those hydraulics. We need to free the other drones. 'C,' get Avogadro and round up as many of the others as you can.

Planck: Pi... D-do you really think the emperor is controlling the skaboola?
Pi: Yes. We would have felt it if he were dead. Instead, his influence has just diminished.

[[Planck starts work on the hydraulics]]
Planck: Diminished to non-existence, you mean?
Pi: Yes, gzak-brain. Do you think we could have been helping the resistance this long if the skaboola were still in control?

[[Planck receives an eyeful of blue hydraulic fluid]]
Planck: I always thought it was his subtle way of sabotaging the emperor without his knwing.
Pi: I think you're giving ol' cheese brain too much credit...

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