General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Dexters and Justin crawl through maze-like conduits, Justin leading with Dexter the Diabolical at the rear]]
Dexter Smith: "You are in a maze of twisting passages, all alike..."
Justin: What was that?
Dexter Smith: Nothing. Just an ironic quote to remember at a time like this...

Justin: Another intersection. Which way now?
Dexter the Diabolical: If my memory serves, since I can't see anything with this great mass in the way, left.

Dexter Smith: Am I really this annoying? I know Trudy said we're not total opposites, but I'm good and he's evil. That doesn't mean I'm this obnoxious, right?
Dexter the Diabolical: You are as vexatious as you are adipose, subaltern serf.

[[Justin opens a panel and looks out from the conduit]]
Justin: Great. We're stuck with the walking thesaurus.
Justin: Whoa
Dexter the Diabolical: Ah. Undoubtedly, we've reached our destination: the main reactor.

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