General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Two imperial stormtroopers stand watch before a door. We see the top of the heads of Justin and both Dexter's looking at them]]
Posi-Dexter: Only two guards at the control room. Either Nega-Nick's Security is lax, or...
Justin: We won't go there.

[[In a full frontal shot, we see a battle-ready two Dexters, with a ticked-off looking Justin in front. All three look ready to charge]]
Justin: Okay. Geeky Dex, you take the one on the left. Other... Dex, the right. I'll lay down some cover fire if things get hot.
Nega-Dexter: Acceptable.
Posi-Dexter: Gotcha

[[Seen from over the heads of the trio again, we see the two stormtroopers suddenly running away to something]]
Posi-Dexter: Wait a sec.. Where are they going?
Justin: Something's caught their attention let's move!

[[The two Dexters make for the door of the control room, while Justin looks down the hallway the stormtroopers went in. Justin looks stunned]]
Nega-Dexter: We must keep watch diligently. Once we start the shut down process, it cannot be interrupted...
Posi-Dexter: Uh, Justin?

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