General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Viewed from between the two troopers from the previous strip, we see Posi-Fooker being thrown through the door like a rag doll. He slams into the wall opposite the door]]

[[In front of the picture, a badly battered Posi-Fooker crawls up from the floor, glasses broken, face cut-up and clothing tattered, but defiant and alive. Behind him we see the two stormtroopers, and behind THEM, we see Justin still standing still in shock while the Dexters enter the control room]]
Nega-Fooker:Stand down, boys. This one's all mine.
Stormtrooper:Er, roger, General.

[[Nega-Fooker comes through the door, leaning heavily on the doorway and clutching his chest from exertion or pain. He too is injured all over]]
Nega-Fooker: You've surprised me, runt. You've lasted longer than I would have thought. If _anyone_ could take me down, it would probably be _you_.

[[From under the massively muscled arm of Nega-Fooker, adorned by the nazi-like "Emperor Nick" armband, the camera looks at posi-Fooker getting to his feet.]]
Nega-Fooker: But I don't GO down, which is highly unfortunate for you.

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