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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[With a high kick, Nega-Fooker hits Posi-Fooker on the chin, sending him flying backwards]]

[[Posi-Fooker lies on the ground in front of Justin and Posi-Dexter. All three are looking at the (off-screen) Nega-Fooker]]
Posi-Fooker (yelling): Justin! Shoot him! Now!

[[Justin's face looks wretched with doubt and anger. Behind him posi-Fooker yells again]]
Fooker: Shoot him!

[[Hanging on the railing with one arm and slowly getting up, Nega-Fooker has a genuinely pity-drawing look on his face]]
Nega-Fooker: You... won't shoot me... will ya... l'il bro...?

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