General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Dexter: You're just going to run away?! You have a chance to be a hero!
Nega-Dexter: Hero? Ha! You undoubtedly haven't been paying attention!

Dexter: This is your chance to dethrone Nick! We could use you!
Nega-Dexter: And risk the probability of being blown to smithereens? Not likely!

Nega-Dexter: We have one chance of getting our of here alive. If I were you-- which obviously I'm NOT -- I would cut my losses and save my own skin. Your "friends" are as good as dead. Make some new ones when you get home.

Nega-Dexter: As for me, I'll lay low until the fall-out settles, then swoop in to take over what remains. Why fight your enemies when you can keep silent and they blow themselves up for you?

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