General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Two storm troopers are standing guard.]]
Guard 1: What the...
Guard 2: Where are you taking this ... thing?

[[Jason and Justin, dressed as storm troopers, are leading Dexter.]]
Barker 1 (It's impossible to tell whether it's Jason or Justin, as both are wearing stormtrooper uniforms): One of the Rebels who raided us from the lower levels. Have any others been captured?
Guard 1: Actually, Yes.

Guard 1: The emperor wanted to interrogate them himself. They're in the lab adjacent to the throne room. We better take this one up there too. Follow Me.

Guard 2: Have you seen General Barker? He hasn't responded to any of our hails lately...
Barker 2: I think he went to the reactor level to smoke.

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