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[[Alternate Nick strides through a cutrained off door in the background while Alternite Duncan examines the readings on a piece on machinaty in the foreground]]
Alternate Nick: Something wrong, Duncan?
Alternate Duncan: I thought I saw and alarm indicator on the reactor panel, but I guess it was a glitch.

[[Alternate Nick grins and fastens his cloak to his shoulders while Nick glares at him]]
Alternate Nick: Good. I'd hate for a technical foible to stand in the way of a great torture
interrogation session. Now, let's see... who will we eradicate first?

Alternate Duncan: Milord, three guards have arrived just outside. They say they have another prisoner.
Alternate Nick: Then by all means! The more the merrier!

[[Three armed and armoured guards lead a manacled Dexter into the room to stand in front of Alternate Nick]]
Alternate Nick: Ah, this must be your Dexter Smith. I'm sure you'd love to meet your duplicate, but I'm afraid he won't be seeing the light of day for a long time.

[[Dexter locks eyes with Ki and gives a hard smile and a thumbs-up]]

[[Trudy, Sharon and Ki huddle together]]
Trudy: What's wrong?
Ki: I don't know. But I have a sneaking suspicion some tables are about to be turned...

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