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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick and Ki, embracing. Sharon and Fooker are standing behind them, close to each other. Sharon and Fooker are smiling]]
Nick: Hey, Gorgeous...
Ki: Shut up and kiss me, you lug...
Fooker: Sounds like a good idea...

[[Agent #12 with Emperor Nick being held by Justin in the background]]
Agent #12: Whattaya know... it looks like the greys aren't as controllable as you thought. They've taken over the entire detention block.
Emperor Nick: Looks like we've wrapped this up nicely...

[[Total view of the scene, with various characters being shaken]]

[[Nicole, Justing and Emperor Nick]]
Nicole: What was that?
Emperor Nick: The loose end to end all loose ends.
{{End of Chapter Six}}

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