General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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{{This is one of the large new-chapter comics}}
[[In a small panel in the top left, Justin, Fooker, Sharon, Nick and Ki are watching out the window, eyes wide open in shock]]
Justin: Was that the reactor?
Fooker: Um, no...
Nick: What ABOUT the reactor?

[[Against the crimson sky, thousands of brightly colored alien vessels descend upon the Earth. Large green beams of destruction rain down upon the already ruined city from them, causing the explosions the GPF-crew just felt.
Adding insult to injury, swarms of large alien creatures descend from the belly of the ships. There are large crab-like beasts with three eyes and a scorpion-like tail coming out from under their carapace. These crabs would probably dwarf a small family house. The other, bipedal, variant has long legs, several stories high, with a single eye mounted in front of a wedge-shaped upper body. Four tentacles spring from under it's eye where it's mouth is. The final invasion has begun!]]

[[A small panel bottom-right shows Agent #12, Dexter and Nega-Nick. #12 and Nega-Nick have faces full of angry resolve, Dexter looks more desperate]]
Agent #12: The other aliens.
Dexter: NOW what do we do?
Evil Nick: Now... we die.

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