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Duncan: You suspect _me_ of betrayal, my lord?
Nega-Nick: Of course! The real Duncan was never so blatant a sycophant. When were you taken over?

Duncan: Very well, meatling. This shell was acquired two weeks ago, on that "diplomatic mission" to South Africa. As you surmised, I have been waiting to signal the invasion fleet since then.

Nega-Nick: But you weren't alone, were you? You wanted to coordinate the rebel attack to be your catalyst. So who among the rebels...?
Nega-Trudy: How _dare_ you insinuate one of my people is disloyal!

Nega-Kilgore: On the contrary, meatling Trueheart. Meatling Kilgore was very loyal... Until he too succumbed to our influence.

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