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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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{{Both Nega-Killgore and Nega-Duncan have bene revealed to be alien spies}}
Nega-Killgore: Your primitive world is too easily swayed by its own internal politics. We know that all that would be required would be to engage your kind in a civil war, and your resources would be turned inward to maintain control.

Nega-Killgore: By helping the emerging rebellion, we could easily destabilize your sociopolitical climate.
Nega-Duncan: While having an agent on both sides would allow neither to gain dominance until the entire fleet arrived.

Nega-Duncan: It is a pity... Your alliance with the meatlings you call "the Greys" was your downfall. Without their contact, we estimate it would have taken use another two hundred of your years to discover this world, by which time you may have developed the technology to defend against us.

Nega-Killgore: Ironically, your world's rich fauna will be our greatest asset in our ultimate subjugation of this galaxy.
Nega-Duncan: Thanks to you, we will accelerate our plans a thousand fold... your emperor's final legacy...

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