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[[Scene: Emperor NegaNick's throne room. In the background, Ki looks on, and the Emperor scowls.]]
Dexter: No sweat, then. If Nick built the escape unit, let's just zap on out of here!
Nick: Er, it's not quite that simple.

Nick: This "escape unit" is just a MUTEX
Velociraptor clone. And while I actually tried to stall somewhat, I couldn't get it to work, and I have no idea why.
Ki, with one eyebrow raised: You? Stalled? Under other circumstances, I might be proud.

[[Fooker raises a hand and points his index finger toward his ear, as if holding a hidden transmitter there. Sharon is standing in front of him, looking up at him.]]
Fooker: Nick, it's okay. We've got Fred, Dwayne, and Yoshi standing by back in the home universe. We'll just get them to warp us back. Fred? Come in, Li'l Buddy...

[[Fooker and Sharon begin to look worried. Fooker's finger is still to his ear.]]
Fooker: Um, Fred? Hello? Uh oh....

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