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[[Mischief is turning from a viewing sphere to look at the Gamester]]
Mischief: Boss.. um, I think you ought to come look at this.
Gamester: I've got three temporal paradoxes and a super hero who is his own grandfather. What could possibly--

[[The Gamester looks at the sphere and sees Nick glaring at Nega-Nick]]
Gamester: By the Key to Time... We've been so caught up in other things, I completely lost track of this, and it looks like Nick and his friends are in far deeper than I feared.

[[The Gamester and Mischief are looking into the sphere, but what they are seeing is not visible]]
Mischief: They tried contacting their buddies in their home universe, but they can't reach them...
Gamester: That's because of this massive interference. It's as if another extra-dimensional entity has...

[[The Gamester looks visibly displeased]]
Gamester: No... it can't be...
Mischief: What? Who?
Gamester: It's him.

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