General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Mischief and Todd face each other as they talk. In the background, the Gamester is looking at a globe-like object, with an arm extended toward it.]]
MISCHIEF: Did you get all that?
TODD: No problem. I may be useless at all that metaphysical crap, but this I can handle.

[[Todd's and Mischief's faces are seen in closeup, facing each other. In the background is the Gamester, still facing the globe. Todd refers to the Gamester as he speaks.]]
TODD: Is he going to be okay?
MISCHIEF: I don't know. I think he's trying to shield us as to how severe this really is. If another entity is tampering with --
TODD Another entity?

[[Mischief looks over at the Gamester.]]
MISCHIEF: Gamester thinks that whoever started this also started the paradox that created you, and that level of interference can only come from the outside. It's a very dangerous thing when two entities fight; I hope you don't have to see that.

[[Mischief waves goodbye to Todd, looking solemn. Todd disappears in a flash of light. His silhouette is brighter than the flash that surrounds him.]]
MISCHIEF: Good luck, Todd.
TODD: It sounds to me like you guys will need it more than I.
[[There is a <<FWOOSH>> as Todd disappears]]

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