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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Pi and Planck, along with their kind, are fighting humans]]
Planck: The Emperor's Guards are pulling back, Pi!
Pi: Don't celebrate yet, Planck. We've taken some heavy losses. If only we had better weapons...

Pi: Besides, they seem distracted. Maybe all those explosions outside are indicative of something else going on...
Planck: Aw, c'mon! They're just runnin' 'cause we're kickin' human buttocks!

[[Pi is suddenly surprised at something behind the camera]]
Planck: Or was that 'kissing'...? I never can remember. Anyway, we'll be all the way to the throne room at this rate. Yep, 'Courageous Kidney' and his alien marauders will... Pi? What's up?

[[We see what surprised Pi: Aliens with tentacles hanging down floating]]
Planck: Okay, what did I do wrong *this* time?

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