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[[Emperor NegaNick's throne room. Sharon holds Fooker, looking worried. Fooker's face is battered. Standing with them are Dexter, Justin, Maddie, and Ki, who also looks worried. The Emperor is sitting in front of them with a cross expression on his face. NegaKi is off to the left. Nick is in the foreground.]]
Fooker: Okay, maybe we _don't_ have a safety net...
Nick: Then there's only one hope left...

[[Nick turns to the Emperor's MUTEX and points to it. Ki looks over his shoulder.]]
Nick: The Emperor's MUTEX can only transmit virtual avatars of living tissue into other universes because it doesn't have the power for full transference. But if I can lock _this_ MUTEX's transmat signal to _my_ MUTEX's, maybe we can form a dimensional bridge.

[[Maddie, who seems to be frowning in concentration, looks at Nick and Ki, who are still standing near the MUTEX.]]
Maddie: All I heard was a string of technobabble. Is that a good thing?
Nick: In essence, _this_ MUTEX can draw power from _my_ MUTEX, and the two will meet in the middle.

[[Dexter is behind Maddie. Justin is slightly in front of them, to the right. Dexter addresses Maddie.]]
Dexter: That's a good thing.
Justin: But can you do that in four minutes? That's about all we have left before the reactor blows.

[[Nick and Ki are still near the MUTEX. The Emperor is in the foreground. Ki glares at him.]]
Nick: I have no idea, but I can certainly try.
Emperor NegaNick: I know it might pain you to consider, but this _might_ go faster with _two_ Inventor's Genes...

[[Fooker looks at the Emperor and frowns. Nick looks back over his shoulder to talk to Fooker. The Emperor is sitting next to Nick.]]
Fooker: Can we trust him?
Nick: No. But then again, you're still holding the gun and he's got nowhere else to run. Untie him.

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