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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, November 13, 2006]


[[Across the throne room from Nick, the Emperor, and the MUTEX. Maddie, Justin, and another U.G.A. agent are standing. The third U.G.A. Agent has her ear to the wall.]]
Maddie, glaring: Well, what can we be doing while the geniuses work instead of waiting around to die?
U.G.A. Agent: Sounds like defending ourselves.

[[The U.G.A. is in the foreground. Ki and NegaKi are in the background.]]
U.G.A. Agent: Sounds like a battle going on outside. Lots of weird noises, too, like strange animals.
Ki, to NegaKi: You! Are there any more weapons in this place?

[[The viewpoint shifts so that we are looking down into the room. NegaKi presses a button or flips a switch that opens a door. Justin and Fooker are visible, besides Ki and NegaKi.]]
Door switch: <<BEEP>><<TSHT>>
NegaKi: The experimental weapons locker is hidden along this wall, but when I say "experimental"...
Justin: Just tell us which end to point at the bad guys.

[[Only NegaKi and Fooker are visible. Fooker examines one of the weapons.]]
NegaKi: I'll warn you that the alien walkers and "tanks" are impervious to blaster fire. Only the stronger weapons will have any effect.
Fooker: There are a _few_ things I like about this universe...

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