General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Mischief appears to be manipulating three spheres that hover in front of her. The look on her face indicates that she is concentrating.]]
Mischief, thinking: There. Two paradoxes fixed. Now what can I do about this guy who's his own grandpa? Although I can't blame Grandma... He _is_ awfully cute...

[[Mischief looks back over her shoulder at the Gamester, whose back is to her as he looks at a large sphere. Her expression reflects worry or concern.]]
Mischief, thinking: I don't think I've seen the boss concentrating so hard before. If we were corporeal, I'd bet he'd break a sweat. He's really worried about this, more than I've ever seen him be before...

[[Mischief looks in front again, at a sphere hovering just above her hand.]]
Mischief, thinking: And to think of it... Another entity! Defying the Cosmic Code and directly interfering with the mortal realms! Surely he knows he'll have to face the council or even Justice. I've heard of rogue entities before, but I thought--

[[Mischief looks over her shoulder again. The large sphere is still there. The Gamester is gone.]]
Mischief, speaking: Boss?

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