General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Outside the Emperor's fortress. In the foreground, an alien is grabbing a human, next to an alien walker. An explosive blast appears on the right. The air is filled with alien spaceships. Against the backdrop of the sky, the outline of the Gamester is seen in a flash of light, as if he is being transported or teleported.]]

[[The Gamester appears and looks around with his arms folded and a grim expression on his face. Explosions go off on either side of him, but he does not seem to pay attention to them.]]
The Gamester, thinking: I know you're here... I can feel you, just like you can feel me. So much chaos... You thrive on it, but where are you hiding...?

[[Frowning, the Gamester looks silently at the Emperor's fortress. Alien spacecraft are in the air above it. One shoots a blast at the fortress. There are other explosions on the hill and in the air.]]

[[A window appears in the wall of the fortress, showing the Emperor's throne room. Perhaps it is the Gamester's vision, not a literal window. Outlines of Nick and the Emperor are crouched in front of an outline of the Emperor's MUTEX. Outlines of other characters in the room can also be seen, including Ki, Dexter, Trudy, Justin, and Fooker.]]
The Gamester, thinking: Of course. The heart of it all...

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