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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[We see a room where the two Nick's are working on the nega-MUTEX.
The Gamester, semi-transparent, is passing through the solid window. Alien spacecraft and a ruined city can be seen in the background. The Gamester is looking angrily resolved]]

[[Now viewed from the outside, we see Justin, Fooker and Maddie defending a doorway, Fooker aiming an alien weapon at something behind the door. In front of the window, the Gamester, angry, is looking back at a Voice from behind him]]
Voice: So, G-man... You've finally figured it out. You caught me red-handed. I was beginning to wonder if you were getting soft in your infinitely old age.

[[The Gamester has turned towards a dark shape behind him. through the window in the background we see (posi-)Trudy and (posi-)Ki lifting something, as well as the vague shape of Dexter]]
Gamester: You KNEW this universe was in my jurisdiction.
Voice: Of course! If I HAD to fight anyone, I'd much rather it be you. No one else much of a CHALLENGE.

[[In a completely black panel, a face lights up. Only the eyes, mouth, and wrinkles-around-the-nose in what is probably a mask can be seen. The face is sporting a mischievous, evil grin.]]
Voice: But this... Just like old times. You, me, a cosmos on the edge of disaster, and an infinite number of mortal souls on the line...

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