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[[The Emperor's throne room. In the background, both Nick and the Emperor appear to be working on the MUTEX. Ki stands near them. In the foreground, the Gamester is confronting another of his kind in the shadows. The Gamester's face is stern. All we can see of the second figure is a profile with a leering eye and a mouth with an evil grin.]]
{{In the last panel, the Gamester reveals the shadowy figure's name.}}
Pandemonium: Like what we've done with the place? Of course, Nicky-Poo did most of the work. But I contributed...
Gamester: I'm not here for idle chat.

[[Pandemonium is off panel. Gamester leans toward him, speaking angrily through clenched teeth.]]
Pandemonium: I can tell. I thought you weren't _allowed_ to directly interfere, but I can sense you stretching time to give these multi-cellular bacteria a chance to escape.
Gamester: You interfered first.

[[Pandemonium's body and the lower half of his face emerge from the shadow. Like the Gamester's, his clothing is multi-patterned and apparently multi-colored. His one visible hand is claw-like.]]
Pandemonium: Oh, let's not justify our own transgressions. You bind yourself to rules and regulations, yet toss them aside when they're no longer convenient.
Gamester: When dealing with those who abhor rules, one learns to be flexible.

[[The Gamester is off panel. Pandemonium's face is close up and fully visible. He has hair on one side of his head, and something that looks like exposed brain matter on the other side. His face is also divided, with half looking like possibly normal skin, and half looking reptilian. He maintains his evil, leering grin.]]
Gamester: Enough talk. I'm giving you one last chance to reverse your tamperings and free these mortals, _Pandemonium_.
Pandemonium: As _they_ like to say, make me.

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