General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Fooker and NegaKi are in the foreground. Fooker looks grim. Dexter's back is in the background.]]
NegaKi: I've locked down the door so the only way they're coming through is to blast it.
Fooker: I say we barricade it anyway.

[[Fooker and Justin face each other over a couple of large guns. Chuck is crouching or seated next to one of them, looking angry or concentrating hard. In the background at least one other weapon can be seen. All the weapons are aimed to the right foreground of the panel.]]
Fooker: Justin, you got that balcony secure?
Justin: As secure as it's going to get with this many guns aimed at it.

[[Ki carries a large boxlike object and looks back over her shoulder at Trudy, who is staring at another part of the room with a totally astonished look on her face.]]
Ki: Trudy! Don't just stand there! Make yourself useful! What are you staring at?

[[Trudy's astonished face is seen in close profile. She is looking wide-eyed at the Gamester and Pandemonium, who are facing each other. The Gamester's left hand is making a fist. Pandemonium has an evil grin and extends his left arm and claw-like hand.]]
Trudy: N-nothing. Nothing at all.

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