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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, December 25, 2006]


[[Nick and Nega-Nick are working on the Velociraptor. Ki is standing nearby]]
Nick: This is taking too long...
Nega-Nick: The signal is there, just not strong enough
Ki: Justin! Time!

[[Justin looks at his watch while Chuck helps set up. Dexter stands in the foreground]]
Justin: Three minutes, forty-five seconds.
Dexter: That can't be right. The Nicks would have had to been working for a good five minutes.

[[Both Trudys and Maddie are visible]]
Maddie: If time flies when you're having fun, the opposite could be true.
Nega-Trudy: What? You're not having fun?

[[Both Nicks are working and perspiring]]
Nega-Nick: We have to find a way to boost the signal.
Nick: The dimensional frequency is right, but there's all kinds of interference.

[[The Nicks continue to work while Ki steps in]]
Nega-Nick: But the interference is highly directional. It can't be random.
Ki: What does that mean?
Nick: It means someone is intentionally blocking us
Voice off-panel {{likely Fooker's}}: HEADS UP, PEOPLE!

[[Fooker faces the panel as Justin and Chuck man heavy weapons. Two "walkers" appear and one has a "foot" on the balcony]]

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