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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Todd lands on a walker and stabs it in an oval, shiny spot that looks like an eye, using a spear-like object, long and pointed. Liquid splashes out from the point where he stabbed it.]]

[[Pi and Planck watch Todd, who is off panel. Both appear amazed.]]
Pi: A human single-handedly taking down a walker! That's... It's...
Planck: Ooh... He's good.

[[Pi looks at Planck with his eyebrows raised. Planck addresses Todd, who faces them.]]
Pi: But he knew right where to hit it to bring it down. No human's ever encountered one before. How did he know...?
Planck: Who _are_ you, stranger?

[[Todd gestures over his shoulder toward the palace behind him. Numerous spaceships appear in the air over the palace.]]
Todd: Together, you and I are the cavalry. We're heading to the throne room.

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