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[[The Emperor's throne room. The Gamester is facing Pandemonium, who still has an evil grin on his face and extends one of his clawlike hands.]]
Gamester: I mean it, Pandemonium. This is your last chance. Surrender and release the mortals.
Pandemonium: Why should I, when mayhem is so much more fun?

[[The Gamester looks off to the side. Part of Pandemonium's face is visible, very close up.]]
Gamester: Justice will not be so lenient. It would be wise to give up now.
Pandemonium: Justice is a bigger fool than you, Gamester. I fear no one.

[[The Gamester still looks to the side, with one of his eyes visible extremely close up. He is looking at Trudy and NegaTrudy. NegaTrudy is carrying a gun. She looks straight ahead of her and appears to be determined or angry, and oblivious to the Gamester's presence. Trudy's hands are free, and she looks very startled. Clearly, she can see Gamester and Pandemonium; perhaps she can also hear them.]]

[[The Gamester still looks to the side. Perhaps he is addressing Trudy as well as Pandemonium.]]
Gamester: Second chances are a rare gift. You would be ill advised not to take one when it is so offered.

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