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[[The Emperor's throne room. Pandemonium faces the "fourth wall" with an evil grin on his face, his claws extended in front of him. He is attacking the Gamester.]]
Pandemonium: The only chance I now regret, Gamester, is not attacking you at first sight!

[[The Gamester and Pandemonium face each other. Pandemonium's left arm reaches toward the Gamester, and there is a bright light at the end of his arm that obscures his hand. The Gamester bares and grits his teeth, as if he is bracing himself or in pain.]]

[[The viewpoint shifts to slightly above Pandemonium and the Gamester. Gamester returns the attack, reaching toward Pandemonium with his right arm. His teeth are still gritted. Pandemonium's face is turned up, and his mouth is wide open as if he may be screaming, but there are no words or sound effects. A bright light is visible under his chin, where the Gamester's hand is.]]

[[Only Trudy and NegaTrudy are in this panel. NegaTrudy is in the foreground, looking about a right angle away from the battle between the Gamester and Pandemonium. Her brow is furrowed in anger or concentration. Trudy is slightly behind her and facing the battle, squinting with one eye and holding a hand up as if to protect her face from what she is seeing.]]
NegaTrudy: What's wrong with you?
Trudy: The light! So... bright!
NegaTrudy: _What_ light?

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