General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Chuck, looking grim, fires a large energy weapon toward the balcony. A blast of light or energy comes from one of the openings at the end of the weapon.]]

[[The balcony of the throne room. Two enemy walkers are stepping over the balcony wall, entering the room. The blast from Chuck's weapon scores a direct hit on the walker on the right. Behind the edge of the balcony, the tops of other enemy walkers are visible. In the background, the outlines of buildings are seen, and the sky in the distance is filled with enemy aircraft.]]

[[Fooker fires a handheld energy weapon toward the balcony. His teeth are bared in anger. In the foreground, behind his back, a small sound comes from behind a box.]]
Fooker: Concentrate all fire on the left one!

[[Fooker, enraged, whirls around, cocks the energy weapon, and aims it at the source of the sound.]]
Persephone: F-Fooker?

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