General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. In the near left foreground is the back of Persephone's "head". She is looking directly into the muzzle of an energy weapon that Fooker, angry and with sweat pouring down his face, is aiming at her.]]
Persephone: F-Fooker? What's wrong? Why are you aiming your gun at me?

[[Persephone points at herself. The gun is still aimed at her, at point-blank range.]]
Persephone: I-It's me, Persephone! Did... Did I do something wrong?

[[Fooker's face in closeup. He is still sweating heavily and his teeth are bared, but he looks confused, or possibly sick that he was about to shoot Persephone, rather than angry.]]

[[Fooker turns his back to Persephone, facing the balcony again. The weapon is no longer aimed at her.]]
Fooker: Get back in Ki's backpack and stay there.
Persephone: But--
Fooker: _NOW_.

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