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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, February 5, 2007]


[[The Emperor's throne room. An enemy walker enters through the balcony. One of its tentacles whips ahead of it.]]

[[In the foreground, Maddie and Sharon duck beneath the slashing tentacle. In the background, one of the UGA agents leans back to avoid it.]]
Maddie: Look out!

[[The whipping tentacle cracks NegaTrudy across the chest, knocking her backwards. She drops the energy rifle she was holding. From the background, Trudy looks at her in shock.]]

[[NegaTrudy is down, eyes closed, in pain or unconscious, her head and shoulders propped against a wall or possibly a box. Trudy kneels next to her, one hand behind NegaTrudy's shoulders and the other under her bent knees. Her face still shows surprise.]]
Trudy: (loudly) I'VE BEEN HIT! (quietly) Well, sort of.

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