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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Justin is aiming the energy cannon at the balcony, where two enemy walkers are climbing in. Chuck faces the balcony. Agent #18 is at the right. Justin and #18 face back into the room, looking angry.]]
Justin: The cannon is overheating!
Agent #18: There's just too many of them!

[[Another part of the throne room. Maddie, with an intense look of concentration, checks the neck pulse of the unconscious NegaTrudy. Sharon is behind them, and Trudy is in the background with a sad look on her face.]]
Sharon: How is she?
Maddie: She's out cold, but she seems to be okay. Bet her gut will ache for a few days... if we live that long.

[[Another part of the throne room. Nick and the Emperor are working on the MUTEX. Both frown in concentration.]]
Emperor: Who could be blocking our signal? No one has our technology...
Nick: Beats me, but it seems to be subsiding.

[[The Gamester and Pandemonium are seen in profile, facing each other and reaching toward each other, their faces set and teeth bared in rage or concentration, with intense white lights where their hands seem to meet. A voice comes from off panel.]]
Emperor: Maybe our interferer is distracted...

[[Nick and the Emperor look at the MUTEX. Nick, in profile, has a dark circle under his one visible eye, but he smiles. The Emperor holds an laser welder behind his back, away from Nick.]]
Nick: Well, as long as he or she stays that way... Eureka! We've locked onto the signal! I can access my MUTEX!

[[Nick's fingers appear to be typing something into the MUTEX. As he speaks, the Emperor pulls out the laser welder and aims it at Nick. Ki is visible in the background.]]
Nick: Now we just need some cover so we can make our escape!
Emperor: Heh... Who said "we?"

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