General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. In the foreground, an energy pistol with the words "LAZER-WELD" on the barrel fires a bolt of energy just above the head of the very startled Nick and leaves a mark on the MUTEX behind him . Only part of a finger is seen beneath the barrel, but in context it is clear that Emperor NegaNick, off panel, has pulled the trigger. In the background, Ki, looking frightened, yells.]]

[[Emperor NegaNick, standing, sneers down at Nick, who is still crouched or kneeling in front of the MUTEX. In the background, Ki looks on angrily.]]
Emperor NegaNick: No fair alerting my prey, Ki! I was so hoping to finally get rid of this useful but meddlesome twit. But that shouldn't matter anymore...

[[The panel is filled with Emperor NegaNick's sneering face in extreme closeup.]]
Emperor NegaNick: With the others distracted, I'll slip through the MUTEX and disable it on the other side. A shave and a little bit of patience later and I'll take your place, putting me in a prime position to start over from scratch!

[[In the foreground, Emperor NegaNick, looking smug, continues to aim the energy handgun at Nick. Behind him, Duchess NegaKi, her teeth bared in anger, picks up a long wrench.]]
Emperor NegaNick: And with the rest of you trapped here, no one will be around to stop me! What do you have to say about _that_?

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