General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Nick and the Emperor are fighting. Emperor NegaNick is positioned under the MUTEX helmets, and he kicks Nick in the chest with his right leg, pushing him away from himself and the helmets.]]

[[Emperor NegaNick pulls on a MUTEX helmet with his right hand and clicks a remote control device in his left hand. His face is contorted with a maniacal evil grin as he addresses Nick.]]
Emperor NegaNick: Good riddance, fool! It's time I stole your life and made it my own!

[[Nick sits on the floor and watches as Emperor NegaNick disappears under the MUTEX helmet, leaving a bright white shape where he stood.]]

[[In the background, the empty MUTEX helmet dangles with a few trails of mist or smoke beneath it where Emperor NegaNick was standing. In the foreground, Nick, still sitting on the floor, holds a circuit pack in his left hand and frowns at it or at the vanished image of Emperor NegaNick.]]
Nick: Not without the main guidance circuit you won't...

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