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[[The Emperor's throne room. Nick is sitting on the floor, in the process of standing up. He looks up at Ki, who is walking toward him. In the background, Fooker, Chuck, and others are shown in outline, aiming at an enemy alien walker.]]
Nick: Is the other Ki... ?
Ki: Dead. Did the Emperor get away?
Nick: Not exactly.

[[Nick, now standing next to Ki, looks at a circuit board in his right hand.]]
Nick: He activated the MUTEX and it was successfully drawing power from my Velociraptor, but I hadn't formalized the bridge yet. That's what this little board was for.

[[Nick looks at Ki, his face in near close-up, with only his right eye and nose visible. There is a dark circle under his eye. Ki's full face is seen. She raises her left eyebrow.]]
Ki: So what does that mean?
Nick: It means the MUTEX dematerialized him, but it had no instructions on how to rematerialize him. He could be in _any_ dimension, if he turns up anywhere at all.

[[Nick and Ki look at each other. He points at the circuit board with his left index finger.]]
Ki: How did you know he'd pull a stunt like that?
Nick: I didn't for sure, but it's the kind of mistake I might have made if I were a self-obsessed evil overlord.

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