General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Fooker and Justin are aiming weapons toward the balcony. In the foreground, Nick and Ki look back at them. Fooker looks at them angrily as he speaks.]]
Fooker: If you two are done pleasantly chatting, the rest of us would like to get the heck out of here!

[[Nick gestures toward the MUTEX with his left thumb; his right hand holds a small circuit board. Ki stands next to him, in front of the MUTEX. Part of Fooker's face is seen in extreme closeup, in profile, still angry or intense.]]
Nick: I'll have the guidance board installed in ten seconds.
Fooker: Ki, get the other civilians and get on the first jump out of here.

[[Sharon and Dexter are carrying boxes. Ki faces them, holding up her hands as if to stop them. In the foreground, Trudy, apparently sitting or kneeling on the floor, looks back over her shoulder at them.]]
Ki: Sharon! Dex! To the helmets! C'mon, Trudy, you're going too!
Trudy: No, Ki...

[[Trudy is still sitting or kneeling on the floor, holding the head of the alternate Trudy in her lap. Trudy's face is resolute. Ki's face is in profile, in closeup, with a neutral expression.]]
Trudy: Go with the others, and take the other Trudy with you. I'm staying right here.

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