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[[The Emperor's throne room. In the background, Dexter and Sharon are heading toward the MUTEX, and in outline, Nick is crouched in front of it and Fooker appears to be aiming or firing an energy weapon. In the foreground, Ki and Trudy face each other, standing. Trudy's face is stern.]]
Ki: What are you talking about, Trudy? Get over to the MUTEX with the others and get out of here!
Trudy: No. I'm staying.

[[Trudy now looks a little sad.]]
Trudy: Think about it, Ki! What kind of life would I have back there? The rest of my days, rotting in prison! This world is in turmoil! If I stay, I might be able to do something to make up for all the horrible things I've done. It's a second chance!

Ki: This world is getting blown apart! You'll be killed!
Trudy: Then I'll get my just reward. Either option is better than going back and wasting away.

[[Ki and Trudy continue their conversation in the background. In the foreground, the other Trudy, her face screwed up with pain or concentration, seems to be trying to get up.]]
Ki: Then why take the other Trudy with us?
Trudy: She's a good person, Ki, better than I could ever be. She deserves a better life, and she won't get that here.

[[Trudy points back to the other Trudy, who is now off panel.]]
Trudy: The UGA could give her a new identity. She won't be lost in the shadow if my misdeeds. She could have the kind of quiet life she _should_ have had, and I'll have the chaotic end I deserve.

[[Ki looks down at the floor. Trudy looks at her with a big, sheepish grin, and she points at herself.]]
Ki: I don't know... It doesn't seem right...
Trudy: And you'll never see _me_ again! That _has_ to be a bonus!
Someone off panel: INCOMING!

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