General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Outside the Emperor's palace. Part of an alien space ship is seen in closeup on the left, and the palace is on the right. Other buildings are seen in outline. A beam of energy shoots toward the palace coming from the alien ship.]]

[[The Emperor's throne room. People and objects in the room are shaken, probably by the energy blast. In the background, Fooker and the alternate Chuck seem to be falling, along with their energy weapons. A walker is entering the room through the balcony in front of them. In the foreground, Nick is physically shaken but holds on to the top of the MUTEX with his left hand and continues to work on it.]]

[[Another part of the throne room. Ki, Maddie, and Trudy are all thrown off their feet. Trudy's head hits a wall hard enough to make a sound, and the small pin that was used to tell her apart from the alternate Trudy flies off her clothing.]]

[[The pin drops to the floor.]]

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