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[[In the Emperor's throne room, Fooker is pushing the base of the energy cannon he was firing before the blast shook the room. Chuck, facing the cannon, also appears to be pushing it back into place. In the foreground, Justin checks his watch and frowns.]]
Fooker: Chuck! Help me get this cannon back up! Justin, countdown!
Justin: Three minutes, fifty-five seconds.

[[Over by the MUTEX, Dexter looks off panel, probably toward Justin, as he holds an unconscious Trudy in his arms. Ki is putting a MUTEX helmet on Trudy's head and frowns as she replies to Dexter. Sharon stands in the background, also putting on a helmet.]]
Dexter: Wait a minute. Wasn't it _forty_-five seconds a little bit ago?
Ki: Dex, quit your yammering and put on a helmet!

[[Justin and Fooker look off panel, toward the balcony.]]
Justin: Jas! Is it just me or are there fewer of those alien things coming up the balcony?
Fooker: Beats me...

[[Outside the palace, Todd and a huge crowd of Greys are under the balcony, along with two enemy walkers. They surround one walker, as the other rises toward the balcony. One Grey's face is visible, and it appears angry. Another Grey in the middle of the crowd raises a fist, possibly in anger, possibly to attack the walker near him. Todd, with his hair flying in the wind, points up toward the balcony, as if directing the movement of the Greys. In the distance, numerous spaceships fly over the city skyline. Fooker's voice is heard from within the throne room.]]
Fooker: But I certainly won't look a gift horse in the mouth...

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